Thursday, June 9, 2011

You are worth it...

Many time I hear people ask "when will such-and-such happen for me?"  "I have waited for so long."  Well, I am a firm believer that whatever you need in life will make itself known as you need it, and when you are ready for it.  The key is to recognize that it is there.  This recognition is quite impossible if we are not true to ourselves to begin with.  If we don't make decisions that are in our heart's best interest, we will cloud our vision with relationship issues, jealousy-induced wants, etc.

When we decide to free ourselves from the emotional burdens that we decide to carry around with us, we create a giant space for life to jump right into.  All the things that present themselves to us, that we were too preoccupied to notice, finally have a space to come to light.  My wish for you all, on this fine day, is that you have the bravery, and resolve, to make the tough decisions to shed some of your emotional burdens and make room for great blessings.  These blessings might come in the form of a new relationship or friendship.  They might be a better job, or better health.  They might even present as newly found time to be alone to get to know yourself once again.  Who better to fall deeply in love with than your inner-self?  After that anything goes!

Remember that the rest of the world sees how you respect yourself, through your actions and decisions.  The world will mirror that level of respect.  So be thoughtful in your personal soulful care.  Life is grand and it is headed your way.


Michelle H.

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