Friday, May 6, 2011

Humility. Yes, it is all it is cracked up to be.

Ever have a day that does not go as you had hoped it would?  A day where you found yourself snapping at someone who just happened to be in your "emotional" way at the time, and had nothing to do with your mood, but got the brunt of it anyway?  Well, that was my day today.

After stepping back from the situation and being frustrated with myself for my uncalled outburst, I realized that an apology was in order.  Not any old type of apology, but a "face-to-face" (or in this case "voice-to-voice" over the phone) explanation.  So with great humbleness, I reached out to the offended party and asked for some time with her.  She was gracious enough to provide me an audience and I proceeded to apologize (not grovel) and explain that she had in no way been the target of my frustration today.  As I spoke to this person, I felt a huge cloud lift off of me and heard the other party say that she had been in a very bad mood as well and our timing could not have been worse, or in our case more perfect.  Perfect for creating a situation that would cause us both to exercise great humility in letting our guards down and just being human with each other.  It was quite refreshing; after we got past the embarrassment of our prior interaction.

Humility can provide so much in the way of insight.  It allows us to remain in touch with who we really are and helps us to remind others that we are flawed, and it is okay.  Practicing humility is very grounding.  It causes us to act from our core; our core beliefs and values.  People who know me well, would not have recognized my not-so-calm actions today as "normal" for me.  I truly felt blessed to be able to reconnect with my true self and reach out, with humbleness, to rectify the situation.  Truly amazing what we can accomplish when we stay grounded and connected to others.

May all your relationships and interactions be approached with respect and humility.


Michelle H.

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